Sleeping and Dining in Kranjska Gora, Julian Alps, Slovenia

June 13-19, 2016

Kranjska Gora-17

Lake Jasna at the edge of town

I chose Kranjska Gora as our home base in the Julian Alps due to its proximity to the region’s highest peaks, including Triglav, the highest. It’s a pleasant ski resort that retains some semblance of a normal mountain town, especially at the early end of the hiking season.

Hotel Lipa

We stayed at the hotel Lipa for 6 nights. Our plan was to do some hiking in the mountains and maybe do the Triglov hike, an overnight trek to the highest peak in Slovenia. Unfortunately the higher altitude trails were still covered in snow in mid-June of 2016, making summiting impossible for us.

Kranjska Gora-5

View from room 2

The hotel is conveniently located on the edge of town, 5-7 minutes walking distance to the center and other restaurants. Sleeping in room 2 with a balcony facing the mountains, I could keep an eye on the changing weather patterns.

Kranjska Gora-4

The room was spacious but not huge and included a safe, minibar and water boiler. The Wifi was connection was reasonably good and the bed comfortable.

The hotel service is friendly – they did a load of wash for us and got Don ice for his bad knee – but not overly so. If you need someone to actually take an interest in what you are doing you might not find them attentive enough.

Kranjska Gora-11

Breakfast included a wide variety of cold items, with eggs made to order. Wonderful hot flakey croissants, good bread and a wide variety of cereal and cold cuts. Not much fresh fruit though.

Kranjska Gora-2

Their restaurant/pizzeria is one of the nicer ones in town. They also have a better wine list than most. We liked it enough that we ate here 3 out of the 6 nights. There really isn’t that much to choose from.

Dining at Hotel Lipa

Kranjska Gora-3

For lunch we tried the Sardinia pizza and mozzarella salad. Both were well executed. They make a nice thin chewy wood fire crust.

On the first evening there were a half a dozen or so occupied tables when we arrived. The server that was on duty at lunch was still there, still very attentive and efficient. We had an easy dinner starting with the salad bar – a small but nice selection of fresh vegies and prepared salads –

Kranjska Gora-7and for mains the beef with tomato pasta

Kranjska Gora-8

and the chicken with vegie risotto. Both dishes were nicely prepared and served fresh hot. The house carafe white wine was also quite good.

For our second dinner at the hotel we did the salad bar again and tried one of their fancy dishes, the beef baked in salt.

Kranjska Gora-12

Presented table side, they break the salt crust and take the meat out of the protective layer of greens. We had ordered the meat medium rare. It came out a bit rare, but we prefer under done to overdone and were not disappointed.

Kranjska Gora-13

Beautiful piece of meat and a fun splurge. Dish is served with roasted potatoes and vegies – also nicely done but Don’s are better. Ordered a bottle of Edi Simcic Duet Goriska  Brda Red Blend, surprisingly, a good Slovenian red wine that was bold enough to stand up to the meat.

Dinner at Gostilna Pri Martinu

The dining room has a cozy alp-style German/Austrian vibe and is known for their well-prepared generous portions at reasonable prices. Just don’t order the house red wine. It’s not very good. The white might be better as Slovenia makes more white wine than red. We started with the grilled vegetables, as advertised a generous portion and nicely grilled.

Kranjska Gora-10

For mains we tried the grilled trout served with cooked greens and potatoes and the venison served in a rich gravy with bread dumplings and garnished with red currents. Both dishes were well prepared.  Service is friendly and efficient. This is a solid establishment and well worth a visit.

Kranjska Gora-9

Homesick? The Vopa Pub serves Sierra Nevada

Lunch at Restaurant Shanghai

A cute typical looking Chinese place in a strip mall at the edge of town. On a Friday at midday we were the only customers. The young couple that runs the place is very nice, but the food is only OK. Good sized portions though.


Kranjska Gora-14

We ordered the spicy chicken

Kranjska Gora-15


and the pork Sichuan style. Although both dishes included a mix of vegies in with the meat, we really should have ordered one meat dish and one vegetable dish. The chicken was breaded, fried and served piping hot. Both sauces tasted pretty much the same and lacked depth of flavor, just somewhat hot and the pork too salty. Come here only if you are looking for a change from local fare.


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Day Hike Spik, Kranjska Gora, Julian Alps, Slovenia

June 18, 2016

Spik Hike-21

Walk 16 Spik  in Cicerone’s The Julian Alps of Slovenia , the hardest and most rewarding of our week in Kranjska Gora, has amazing vistas of the Julian Alps. Although the hike in the guidebook starts from Kranjska Gora we cut off the to-and-from town part (see below for parking advice). Otherwise we followed the directions as described. The trail was well signed but this early in the season it was not well maintained.

Spik Hike-4

Early on we had a tricky scramble over a fallen tree on the side of a hill.

Saturday was the last of the six days we were in Kranjska Gora and the first that was predicting a reasonable chance of good weather with a low risk of thunder showers. You don’t want to be at the top of an exposed mountain during a thunderstorm. It had rained on us every day. Even Friday, for which they had predicted good hiking weather in the afternoon, resulted in several showers passing through with the mountain tops remaining cloaked the entire day.

The day before the hike we went to the Julijana Agency for hiking advice and to rent any necessary equipment (e.g. crampons). The area had a late snow fall and a number of upper routes were still under snow. The folks at Julijana recommended the Spik hike explaining that the via ferrata section of the hike near the top was not that difficult but we should have helmets to protect us from falling rocks that other hikers may knock down.

Spik Hike

When we awoke on Saturday at 5am, just before day break, I was stoked to see just a few wispy clouds hanging about the mountain tops. We packed up in a flash, not knowing how long the good weather would last, and left the hotel just after 6AM.

Spik Hike-2Spik Hike-3Spik Hike-5

Spik Hike-6Spik Hike-7Spik Hike-8Spik Hike-9

The way up is long and challenging but nothing too difficult until you get to the first set of cables near the top. They can look a little daunting.

Spik Hike-11

The narrow ridge before the cable got my heart racing, but if you are used to climbing at all, this is relatively easy. Just don’t look down.

This is the first of two false tops.

Spik Hike-10

The grassy knob here boasts some of the best views.

Spik Hike-12Spik Hike-13

The second false top, the first actual peak, is easy to reach.

Spik Hike-14Spik Hike-15Spik Hike-16

From here the way to the Spik peak can look scary but is quite manageable.



Spik Hike-27


The first section winds through the rocks on a path. Then there is some scrambling over rocks before the climb up to the top. This is a real climb but an easy one. Again if you have done some easy climbing it should be no problem. Just be sure to have a helmet to protect yourself against falling rocks.

Spik Hike-28.jpg



Spik Hike-19

At the summit

Spik Hike-20

Spik Hike-23

The real problem for us was the snow. As it was early in a snowy year there were still considerable patches that we had to go around. With crampons it would have been no problem. Despite the snow the trail was easy to follow as enough blazes remained visible.

Spik Hike-22

Going down the “short way” descends about 1400 meters in 4k and was awful without crampons. It starts with a long steep section of snow and scree. With crampons it would have been manageable but the scree still would have made it unpleasant. I think that when the trail is better maintained there is actually a trail of switchbacks that go down this hillside.

Spik Hike-25

Once into the forest the trail down does not let up. It continues a relentless descent down every kind of slippery surface – loose rocks, wet lime stone, fallen leaves and tree roots.

Spik Hike-26

In addition there is the need to actually climb down numerous rocky sections, many of which are aided with pegs and foot holds. For those good on the downhill this could be a faster way down in season when you don’t have snow to deal with, but for me who has difficulty on the downhill in general, it probably would have been better to go back the long way. It took us 5 hours up and 4 and half down.

Spik Hike-30


Even after all the warnings I would most definitely recommend this hike for sturdy hikers. On a good day the views are simply amazing. Unfortunately just as we were summiting the sky darkened and threatened more rain. It stayed threatening for a good hour and half sprinkling just enough that I put on the rain cover to my camera, but it never really rained. It cleared again and stayed dry the entire way down to the car.

Spik Hike-24

My favorite views of the day were the views to the west on the way down with a mix of sun and dark clouds as a back drop. So yes, if you are an active hiker with minimal climbing experience, do this hike and your efforts will be rewarded.

Where to find hiking advice in Kranjska Gora  – With two days of possible clear weather coming up we went to the TI in Kranjska Gora for trail advice. Don’t bother.  Other than the fact that she directed us to the Julijana Agency, they were totally worthless and unaware of current trail conditions. The folks at Julijana, on the other hand spent some time with us discussing the various trail options. This year, 2016, in mid-June there was still quite a bit of snow on the higher trails. Some trails have via feratta sections requiring a helmet and self-belaying equipment. That said not all via feratta trails are the same. Some are difficult requiring climbing skills while for others the equipment is more of a safety precaution.  It’s best to check with someone who knows the trails before setting out.

Parking advice for shortening the hike – Following the suggestion of the Julijana agency, we shorted the hike by parking down a road on the left hand side of the Vrsic pass road just before bend 3.  (The bends are clearly numbered.)  Down the gravel road there is an area large enough to park cars. We never saw more than 2 other vehicles in this parking area. I’m not sure if it is legit or not because we couldn’t read the signs at the entrance, but since it was recommended by the agency we parked there anyway. We were very glad we did as the hike took us much longer than we expected.

Road closures – Be aware of any festivals that may close the pass roads on Sundays. On June 19 2016 many roads were closed for the bike festival, including the Vrsic pass road.

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Second Pass at Vrsic Pass, Julian Alps, Slovenia

June 18, 2016

Vsric Pass-5

Hoping for clearer weather we headed back up through Vrsic Pass. A higher cloud ceiling resulted in better views but still the stormy threatening skies persisted throughout the day.

Vsric Pass

Russian chapel built to honor the Russian workers who died in an avalanche building the road through the pass during WWI.

Vsric Pass-2Vsric Pass-3Vsric Pass-4Vsric Pass-6Vsric Pass-7Vsric Pass-8Vsric Pass-9Vsric Pass-10

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Day trip to Lake Bled, Slovenia

June 17, 2016

Day trip to Lake Bled-11

With more rain predicted today, in fact this was to be the worst day, the forecast for Bled looked better than in Kranjska Gora but still with showers around.

Day trip to Lake Bled

View from our hotel in Kranjska Gora

If you are going to be spending some time in the area be sure to check the weather forecast and try to manage your activities. The forecasts have been reasonably accurate and we have been able to do short hikes, around 3 hours, between showers.

It’s about a 30 minute drive from Kranjska Gora to Bled. In the off season there is plenty of parking although we had some difficult finding parking machines that worked and ended up parking near the Hotel Savika and the Golf Hotel for 5 euros /day, half what the public lots charge.

Day trip to Lake Bled-3

Pretty walk around the lake, a brooding sky with dark clouds on either end but bright blue straight above which lit the castle.

Day trip to Lake Bled-12Day trip to Lake Bled-6

The walk is a pleasant activity, about hour and half or more depending on what you do along the way. Although much of the pathway is through sections of green forest it is also built up around the lake. More of an urban park walk than a secluded forest walk.

Day trip to Lake Bled-10

Great views of the castle and the island with a charming church viewed from every angle and in different settings.

For a birds eye viewpoint, in addition to climbing to the castle, on the west end of the lake there are 3 hills with viewpoints.

Day trip to Lake Bled-9

With the iffy weather, muddy trail and questionable light, we just went to one, had a lovely picnic and returned to the lakeside walk. Ojstrica was just a 15 minute walk up a muddy track, still the views are worth a little mud on your shoes. Just be careful as the mud is slick!

More photos from Lake Bled

Day trip to Lake Bled-2Day trip to Lake Bled-4Day trip to Lake Bled-5Day trip to Lake Bled-7Day trip to Lake Bled-8Day trip to Lake Bled-13Day trip to Lake Bled-14Day trip to Lake Bled-15Day trip to Lake Bled-16

The drive back to Kranjska Gora via route 907 is a fun back road alternative to the main expressway.

Day trip to Lake Bled-18

Monument to Rodovna village burned by the Germans in 1943

Day trip to Lake Bled-19

Day trip to Lake Bled-20


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Drive Through the Soca Valley, Julian Alps, Slovenia

June 15, 2016

Soca Valley-14

A drive through the Soca Valley in is one of the highlights of Triglav National Park. The glacial blue streams are magical against the green, green landscape and rugged peaks.

Soca Valley

After the Sleme hike we continued down from the Vsric pass to the Soca Valley following the Rick Steves driving tour described in his guidebook.

With the rainy weather views were somewhat obscured.

Soca Valley-15

Hungry, we had lunch at the first reasonable place, Metoja. Great sauerkraut soup and bean soup made with Slovenian sausage.

Soca Valley-4

View from Rick’s suspension bridge

We continued on along the clear blue-green Soca River through the valley, thick with green vegetation. An unbeatable combination, especially against a stormy sky. Several suspension bridges give you great views of the river. Although pretty, there are better view points than the one just after the bridge suggested by Rick.

Soca Valley-6

A narrow gap Velika Korita Soce, just past the town of Soca, boasts dramatic views of a narrow gorge. If you’re a scrambler go down a bit for better views. There is a very short steep track on the right at the bridge entrance from the parking lot or cross the bridge and take the track down and then go down river. We did the second option and climbed over the rocks back to the first option.

Soca Valley-5

This is also an area of WWI and WWII sights. We stopped at the Church of St Joseph decorated by a local artist during the war with some unusual interpretations on religious themes. A WWI cemetery sits in back of the church.

Soca Valley-9

Hike to the Boka waterfall

The Boka waterfall, if you like waterfalls, is worth the 10 to 15 minute hike up to the viewpoint, uphill on a rocky path but it’s not as bad of a climb as Rick makes it out to be.

Soca Valley-16Soca Valley-17

It’s an Impressive sight for the cascade of water between the big fall and the river below.

Soca Valley-12

Cemetery at Bovec

Later in the day, after it had been clearing for a bit, the sky started to darken again. Wanted one last stop on a bridge for a final photo of the water and stumbled on this shot.

Soca Valley-13

Just love the contrast in colors. Sometimes a stormy day can become your best friend.

Soca Valley-2

Shot earlier in the day

If the cloud cover is high enough the Soca Valley can be very pretty and dramatic on rainy day. In fact I think it is prettier in a softer light. The colors are more brilliant and you get the deepest color in the water. The sunny skies wash out the colors and blow out the water.

Vrsic Pass

As we headed back home over Vrsic pass the rain increased with very low visibility but a wonderful drive winding through the rain saturated forest. Glimpses of awesome peaks sometimes brilliantly lit through narrow openings.

It was still raining at dinner time. in fact it is still raining the next morning as I’m typing this. I keep telling myself there is a reason it is so green here.

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Day Hike Sleme, Vrsic Pass, Julian Alps, Slovenia

June 15, 2016

Sleme Hike

View from the hotel room in Granjska Gora

Woke to fog and rain but then around 9:30 patches of blue sky and sun emerged.  This was right on schedule with the weather forecast. We headed for the Vrsic pass above town, hoping for a short hike and views of the peaks before the next band of rain clouds blew through.

Vrsic Pass-2

The drive to Vrsic pass has awesome views. The peaks go nearly straight up and are nearly impossible to capture in a manner that does the drive justice. It rains here resulting in an incredibly green landscape.

Sleme Hike-19

The clearing trend was not to last and although the drive and the hike were impressive clouds continued to cling to the top of the peaks. We hope to see it again in clearer weather. Don’t let the clouds discourage a visit, however. It’s still is a dramatic view.

Sleme Hike-3

Parking at Vsric Pass

Walk 8 Sleme  in Cicerone’s The Julian Alps of Slovenia is a relatively short hike out of Vrsic pass to a the top of a lower peak with great views all around. One of the prettiest hikes in the region according to the Cicerone guidebook.

Sleme Hike-20

The trial is well marked and we followed the directions as written. The clouds continued to hang on. At one point they rose a bit and then lowered again threatening rain as we were heading back to the parking area.

Sleme Hike-6

The track climbs and is fairly rugged but about what you would expect in the Alps.

Sleme Hike-10

The mountain top has great views and the small top seems to be a popular destination even in iffy weather. Took us about 2 and half hours with photo stops and a longer break at the top.

More Photos:

Sleme Hike-4Sleme Hike-5Sleme Hike-7Sleme Hike-8Sleme Hike-9Sleme Hike-11

Sleme Hike-13

Watch for thieves!

Sleme Hike-12Sleme Hike-14Sleme Hike-15Sleme Hike-17Sleme Hike-16Sleme Hike-18

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Day Hike Pec (Tromeja), Ratece, Julian Alps, Slovenia

June 14, 2016

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-6

Walk 2 Pec (Tromeja) in Cicerone’s The Julian Alps of Slovenia starts in the town of Ratece a few miles up the road from Kranjska Gora. The book talks about walking or taking the bus. We drove but weren’t sure where to park.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja

There was very little activity in town on a rainy Tuesday morning, but the 4 public parking spots at the bus stop were taken. Don asked at the market next door where to park and she let us park in front of the store.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-2Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-3

This is another pretty walk through green forest. The track interchanges between more developed roads and forest paths, frequently running alongside the creek.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-5

Lots of wild flowers. The book description has you follow a paved road for a good 2k, but there is an alternative route, marked trail 18, that continues alongside the stream.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-15

We missed one turnoff heading up, here, but the road along the stream is a much gentler ascent.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-4

Gentler ascent along the stream

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-16.jpg

Once you reach the meadow head left, west, back around a building. On the far edge of the adjacent field, again left or west, you’ll see the sign for trail 18,

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-14

which leads up this second field to the road. There is a hut at the top of field with a short set of stairs that lead to the road. The rest of the way we followed the instructions in the book.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-8

Nearing the end of the switchbacks to the summit you’ll find benches to rest at with increasingly spectacular views.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-7

Bourns on the side of the trail mark the border with Italy.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-12

At the summit you’ve reach the intersection of the borders of Slovenia, Italy and Austria. Several monuments mark this fact.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-10Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-9

Valley views into Austria on this stormy day were not so clear but still impressive.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-11

The trail is well marked although there are a number of options you can take that will get you to the same place.

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