Hiking Burgundy’s Morvan Regional Park

The Morvan about 60 miles west of Dijon is a pretty, forested area with rolling hills, occasional pastures, wheat fields and vineyards, and numerous hiking trails. While probably not on anyone’s list of must see destinations, the below hikes make for a pleasant afternoon. For longer hikes check out Route You.

Lake des Settons is a well maintained, developed recreational area, with camping, hotels, cabanas and vacation houses surrounding the lake. There is also plenty of water sports and fishing. Surprisingly with all the infrastructure the 14k/9 mile loop around the lake is mostly wooded, quiet and quite pleasant.  Flat, well marked and easy to follow it can be done on foot or bike.

Even if the trail up Mt. Moux is not the most interesting hike, views back over the town make a nice picture. The Moux-en-Morvan trail can be easily shortened by taking a road back to town rather than continuing around the loop. We only did the southern half the trail up to Mt. Moux and around, about 4-5 miles. The starting point for the trail that goes up the mountain from the town parking lot is not well marked, with confusing trail blazes. Look for the blazes that start at Hotel Beau Site. In the woods past the peak, keep an eye out for the nearly waist high ant hills disguised as piles of pine needles. The ants look scary, but we don’t think they bite.

The Lake de Chamboux trail was our favorite. Not nearly as developed as Lake des Settons, it’s 4.5 miles around the lake with changing environments – woods, open meadows and boardwalks through bogs. Although an easy, well marked walk with minor changes in elevation, it may be more difficult on a bike as the trail is quite narrow in places. Even shorter hikes around the lake are possible by hiking just one or two of the lake’s arms.

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