Ordering Baozi in Kunming, China

Bāozi, or steamed buns, with various fillings are a ubiquitous food eaten any time of day from breakfast to late night snack. While they are one of my favorite breakfast foods they also make a good sandwich substitute for taking on day trips. Here is a sample menu and some items I have tried. The term “meat” refers to pork.

鲜肉包       xiān roù bāo            flavorful meat, not spicy

腌菜肉丝包       yān cài roù sī bāo    pickled veg and meat, somewhat spicy (my favorite)

香辣包                 xiāng là bāo              spicy meat

糖腿破酥包       táng tŭi pò sū bāo    sickeningly sweet ham

豆沙破酥包       dòu shā pò sū bāo    somewhat sweet bean paste

建康素菜包       jiàn kāng sù cài bāo      cooked vegetable, name means “healthy veg”

椒盐花包            jiāo yán huā bāo           peppered bun shaped like a flower, “hua”

荞糕    qiáo gāo      looks like pumpkin bread but is tasteless with an unappetizing aftertaste

烧麦      shāo mài        a thin wheat dough filled with sticky rice and meat

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