Vineyard Walk – Planèzes, France

25 kilometer north of Ille-sur-Tet in the pretty wine valley of Agly discover a walking tour through the vineyards in and around Planèzes and Rasiguères (15 kilometers west of Estagel). According to my guidebook, grapes typically grown in this region include carignan, grenache noir and syrah and fall under the appellation Côtes du Roussillon Villages.

It’s a pretty hike-lette through Mediterranean hills, first climbing up from Planènez before winding back down the other side towards Rasiguères. Along the way pass beaucoup de vignobles (vineyards), an old iron mine and the Tour de Trémoine (I still haven’t figured if there is an actual trail that climbs to the tower itself; if you know please leave a comment). In mid-April the vines were just starting to leaf out. Probably prettier in another month or so or better yet, in the fall. The trail is easy to follow marked by yellow blazes and occasional signs for “découverte du vignobles”, with the first one – on the east side of Planènez, up the road from the cave – indicating a dirt road climbing up through the vineyards. Loop trail is 6.5 kilometers with 240 meters change in elevation.

From Les Pyrénées-Orientales – balade et randonnée a pied. #29 Le Sentier des Vignobles

Eglise de Planèzes

Tour de Trémoine

View of Rasiguères below the vineyard

View of the iron mine below and the Tour de Trémoine aboveWild Lavendar

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