Vézénobres Loop Hike, Southern France

Belgium and Paris may be great places to visit, but I’m thrilled to be back in the sunshine of the south of France. While sunny skies are the norm here, temperatures have been hovering around 60° during the day, about 8° above average, making our local loop trail to Vézénobres (PR 32) a delight.

The full 13K trail starts in Vézénobres, passes through vineyards and olive groves and along charming stone trails through the garrigue (Mediterranean shrub forest), wanders through the villages of Martignargues and St Etienne de l’Olm, and ends with a descent from the view point above Vézénobres. The trail is blazed yellow and relatively easy to follow. Inclines are generally rather gentle with a total change in elevation of about 200 meters.

Photos taken November 29, 2012


Lower Vézénobres


Capitelle, an ancient structure used for temporary storage and shelter


Olive Grove


View above Vézénobres


View above Vézénobres


Upper Vézénobres

From Le Gard … à pied, #32 La Droude.


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