Goose Festival – Sarlat, France

Sarlat’s fête d’oie is everything goose, from raising the chicks to butchering the fattened goose. Held the third week in February it’s a glimpse of the local culture that accepts foie gras and the forced feeding of geese and ducks as a well-established part of their economy and culture.

Dordogne - Sarlat - Goose Festival

Dordogne - Sarlat - Goose FestivalAn incubator housing darling chicks peeping and fussing about is surrounded by an exhibit explaining with charts and scientific pamphlets the most efficient way to raise and feed the geese.

Dordogne -Sarlat Saturday Market

A range of duck and goose delicacies for sale – breast, confit and paté.

Dordogne -Sarlat Saturday Market

Dordogne -Sarlat Saturday Market

Dordogne -Sarlat Saturday Market

Dordogne - Sarlat - Goose Festival

The prize winning foie along with the accompanying carcasses are laid out for examination.

Dordogne - Sarlat - Goose Festival

Demonstrations on goose butchering are held in the square with the audio piped throughout the town.

Dordogne - Sarlat - Goose Festival

At 11:30AM goose carcass soup is served – a flavorful broth with a medley of vegetables and day old bread.

Dordogne - Sarlat - Goose Festival

Dordogne - Sarlat - Goose FestivalGames for kids and adults.

Dordogne - Sarlat - Goose Festival

Geese proudly displayed throughout the old town.

An impressive all you can eat multi-course all goose lunch is served in the large community center. Selling out weeks in advance we did not attend but opted instead for the three course fête d’oie menu offered at le Bistrot,

Dordogne - Sarlat - Le Bistro - Goose menustarting with a marbré of goose – layers of paté and terrine –

Dordogne - Sarlat - Le Bistro - Goose menufollowed by slices of rare breast served in a mushroom pepper sauce

Dordogne - Sarlat - Le Bistro - Goose menuand for dessert a walnut craquante, caramelized walnuts in whipped cream sandwiched between super sugary and nutty wafers. The homey restaurant, painted in soft creams with cream and red table cloths, seemed to be a local Sunday lunch destination with the quaint dining room nearly completely booked when we arrived at 12:30PM without reservations.

Dordogne - Sarlat

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5 Responses to Goose Festival – Sarlat, France

  1. hchamney says:

    The chicks are sooo darn cute!!! Quiant town. 🙂

  2. abrooke65 says:

    Incredible! What a gorgeous, informative piece of photo journalism. It’s amazing to see what we eat from start to finish.

    • baidanbi says:

      Hi abrooke65, Thanks so much for your comment. That’s what surprised me about the festival. The really did cover most every aspect of the goose. The local farms were also open to visitors to tour and to see the feeding process firsthand.

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