Hiking in Northern Gard, Southern France

This 14 kilometer hike out of La Lèque in northern Gard has an interesting mix of prehistoric points of interest, including the largest menhir (standing stone, see photo below) in southwestern France; views over the Merderis gorge; mossy alley ways; and a cool watery picnic spot (follow the dotted trail at number 4).  Also of interest is a large lavender field at the end of the trail, south-east of town.

In general the trail is well marked with sign posts and yellow blazes. The exception is the cut off trail back to town at the end of the hike. Along the dirt road watch for a cairn marking a yellow blazed turn to the right that leads back into town.

Although there is not much change in elevation overall, less than 1000 ft, there are several steep sections.

Photos taken April 14, 2013.

La Leque, France-7

La Leque, France-2

La Leque, France-3

La Pierre Plantée

La Pierre Plantée

La Leque, France-5

La Leque, France-6

From Le Gard…a pied, #27 Le menhir, les Concluses. Starting point: parking lot on the right at the entrance of La Lèque, on D979 23 kilometers north of Uzès.

La Leque, France

  1. Quarton
  2. Combe de Ruph
  3. La Pierre Plantée (6 meter tall menhir)
  4. Combe de Queue de Boeuf
  5. Plan de Bourget
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2 Responses to Hiking in Northern Gard, Southern France

  1. Julian says:

    hey, can you please tell me the name of the hiking book in the last picture !?

    thank you

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