Superstitons, AZ – Charlebois Spring to the Peralta Trail

October 11, 2013

Click here for an overview of the 3 day/2 night trip in the Superstition Wilderness

Day 2

Charlebois Spring to the Peralta trail via Upper Black Top Mesa Pass

The Peralta trail is one of the most popular in the Superstition Mountains, with good reason. It’s one of the most scenic. While day hikers frequent the climb up Peralta Canyon to the Fremont Saddle, as we would experience the following morning; today’s hike, approaching Weavers Needle from the north, afforded fabulous views and few hikers.

Superstitions AZ

The day is clear and cool with lows in the lower 50s and highs in the upper 70s, a good 10° below normal.

Although we had filled our dromedaries in case of a dry camp, we continued to find small pools of water along the trail and were increasingly confident that we would find sufficient water in Boulder Canyon.

Superstitions AZ

Superstitions AZ

Superstitions AZ

Superstitions AZ

Superstitions AZ

State Park Ranger Georgie had told us of an excellent camp area along Boulder Canyon with views of Weavers Needle. The site lies southwest of the iconic symbol and is clearly marked by pinyon pine trees, some burnt out due to a previous fire. “If you start to climb Fremont Saddle, you have gone too far”, she had warned.

Superstitions AZ

We found the area just as she described consisting of several campsites with good fire rings and access to the remaining small pools in the mostly dry creek bed.  One other small group occupied a campsite just out of sight.

Superstitions AZ

After pitching the tents we settled in for a gorgeous evening and watched the last rays of light fade from the tops of the canyon walls. Then built a fire, downed our prepackaged freeze dried meals (you never know how good they taste until you have been hiking all day),

and fell asleep under the stars.

Hike Out  – Over the Fremont Saddle to the Peralta Trailhead

Our last morning starts with coffee, oatmeal and views of Boulder Canyon and beyond. We had climbed the rocks just across the creek to take advantage of the morning light.

Superstitions AZ

Temperatures remain below normal but the warming trend continues. It’s time to leave the desert.

Superstitions AZ

Superstitions AZ

Superstitions AZ

By the time we reach the top of Fremont Saddle it’s a constant stream of day hikers. No surprise on a gorgeous Saturday morning. Hard to believe we encountered so little traffic during the previous two day.

Superstitions AZ

The last two miles are a long slog down (1360ft) the Peralta Canyon with superb views, iconic rock formations, and stately saguaro cactus.

Superstitions AZ

It’s no wonder so many make the pilgrimage up to this commanding viewpoint. The real joy, however, is breaching the bottle neck and venturing deeper into the wilderness, if just for a couple of nights under the stars.

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2 Responses to Superstitons, AZ – Charlebois Spring to the Peralta Trail

  1. Lennie says:

    Hi—Did you guys realize on the photo of the large cactus with the guy to the right of it 9Needle Canyon)–right above him is Bluff Springs Mtn—and the area in the shade is exactly where many people think the actual Lost Dutchman Gold Mine is/was…..I’ve hiked/climbed up to the area years ago—found lots of dynamite, tools, etc., You have a great photo there!!! Take care!! Enjoyed your photos and story….Lennie

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