Beach Walk, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

September 11, 2013

Zanibar - Matemwe Beach

At low tide the beach in front of Matemwe Beach Village becomes a large flat basin of coral tidal pools and sandy areas that stretch more than a half a mile to where the waves break on a distant reef.

Zanibar - Matemwe Beach

Here the local women farm seaweed that they cultivate on ropes tied between vertical sticks.

Zanibar - Matemwe Beach

Zanibar - Matemwe Beach

A welcome path leads through a basin area making it easier to avoid the myriad sea urchins whose spiny outer coverings dot the area like land mines.

Zanibar - Matemwe Beach

Unfortunately the path diminishes and finally disappears before reaching the outer beach of breaking waves.

Zanibar - Matemwe Beach

On our last morning we donned beach boots borrowed from hotel reception to make the pilgrimage out to the breakers. However, after the previous day’s storm low tide wasn’t as low as on previous days and following the path required wading in thigh-deep water, making it that much more difficult to dodge the sea urchins. Nonetheless we managed the hour walk out and back without incident.

Zanibar - Matemwe Beach

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