Preikestolen, Norway – And Finally the Sun!

July 19, 2013

After 6 days of fog, drizzle and rain the sun finally emerged again late Friday morning as forecasted, and just in time for us to brave the iconic hike to Preikestolen – the flat topped rock formation that juts out from the cliff and affords amazing views of the Lyse fjord below. At 11AM the Preikstolen parking lot was jammed. It seems everyone in the area was following the same weather forecast.


People of all sizes, shapes and nationalities were making the pilgrimage up to the famed site. The most people I have ever seen on a trail, you don’t want to do this one if you are looking for solitude.


The trail itself is in good shape and can accommodate a large number of people. Even so, it definitely bogs down at the narrow and steep sections.


It’s a pretty hike up through rocky terrain intermixed with boardwalks through bog land.


The last half hour of the hike runs along the top of the fjord where the dramatic views begin.


Watch your step as it’s a sheer drop down.


Parking 100 kroner.

Sleeping and Eating

We stayed at the Verkshotellet B&B in Jorpeland, about a 9 kilometer drive from the trailhead. While the dorm like rooms are expensive ($250US+) and have an ambiance that’s more hotel than B&B, they are clean and relatively spacious with new modern furnishings.

Jorpeland - Verkshotellet B&B

The breakfast buffet, typical Scandinavian fare with poor coffee. Dinner is also served until 8PM. We tried the bacaloa, a salt cod stew – a large portion and very well done with a home cooked rather than restaurant feel, i.e., high on flavor, low on presentation.

Check out TripAdvisor reviews here.

More Photos:

Preikestolen Preikestolen Preikestolen Preikestolen Preikestolen Preikestolen Preikestolen

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6 Responses to Preikestolen, Norway – And Finally the Sun!

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  2. hchamney says:

    Stunning scenery and stunning photos Debbie!!! Can’t believe how many people on that block! WOW!

  3. wow, that last picture is breath taking.

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