Sleeping and Dining in Auckland, New Zealand

February 13, 2014

Hotel DeBrett

Auckland  - Hotel DeBrett

Listed on TripAdvisor as one of the best hotels in Auckland, this modern yet charming hotel has a great location for exploring Auckland’s city center. The spacious rooms are decorated with a playful contemporary flair.

Auckland  - Hotel DeBrett

The bathroom pops with black on white polka dot tile. The bed is particularly cozy and dressed with fine linens.

Auckland  - Hotel DeBrett

The breakfast, included in the room rate, is a rather skimpy selection of cold choices -, Bircher muesli, regular muesli, bread, pastry, fruit, yogurt, etc. Priced at about 15 -20 NZ $ we did not try the hot breakfast choices off the menu. (After a month of New Zealand hotels and restaurants, this is indeed normal pricing.)

Thai Street – a causal eatery located in the Wynard Quarter along the harbor, it is one of the many street food themed restaurants in Auckland. The dark wood high topped tables just at the open entrance of the restaurant were a great spot to enjoy the soft summer breeze without getting doused in the occasional passing squall.

Auckland  - Wynard Quarter - Thai Street Restaurant

Although the menu has more chicken dishes than anything else, we wanted fish and split the whole fish and the mussel pancake. The gorgeous and perfectly cooked fish came out first and satisfied our desire for fresh fish cooked simply.

Auckland  - Wynard Quarter - Thai Street Restaurant

The pancakes were served fresh hot from the kitchen and would be a disaster if they weren’t, heavy, fried, rice-based cakes with the occasional embedded mussel served with a spicy dipping sauce. Interesting to try but not something I would order again.
Mixed reviews on TripAdvisor


Some of the more popular restaurants on TripAdvisor don’t take dinner reservation. Arriving at 7:45 it was an hour wait at Hanoi Café on a Thursday evening. Fading from jetlag we decided instead to try our luck at one of the many restaurants along the harbor front road.

Auckland - Ostro Restaurant

Ostro, with a second floor terrace, has great views of the harbor. The contemporary dining room is rather dark leading your gaze out the large harbor front windows. Even from one of the high top tables just in front of the bar we could watch them load one of the massive container ships.

poussin served with roasted tomatoes

poussin served with roasted tomatoes

The menu focuses on fish starting with a selection of raw bar items. The ceviche of the day, snapper, was fresh and balanced. For mains we tasted the tomato salad – a summer medley of flavorful cherry tomatoes, compressed watermelon, cucumber and avocado in an herbed vinaigrette – and the poussin served with roasted tomatoes. The super moist chicken was seasoned with a spicy rub.
Mixed reviews on TripAdvisor


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2 Responses to Sleeping and Dining in Auckland, New Zealand

  1. Yes, cooked breakfasts in New Zealand are strangely overpriced. You’re not the first one to notice! Quite often, dinner can be the same price as breakfast which makes you wonder, why we continue to eat out for breakfast. For $20, I could feed a family at home on home made hash browns, bacon, eggs, a nice loaf of bread, mushrooms…the lot.

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