Sleeping and Dining in Christchurch, NZ

February 27, 2014

Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn

Christchurch - Pomeroys on Kilmore

The bright, casual rooms at the small inn next to the pub are spacious and pleasant, some open on to a small patio garden.  While the actual inn is minimally staffed – inquiries are made at the pub –

Christchurch - Pomeroys on Kilmore

the dining room turned self-serve breakfast nook offers a general selection of cold buffet options including – fruit, yogurt, cereal, toast and jam. Good French press coffee is also available for you to make to your liking.

On warmer evenings the outdoor area between the bar and the inn fills with jovial patrons which may disturb light sleepers wishing to retire early. For us the noise was sufficiently muffled by the thick heavy drapes in our room.

Dining at Pomeroy’s

A pub atmosphere with large tasty portions. At 7:30PM on a Wednesday evening the pub is already going strong. We had reserved a table and were seated in a side room just off the bar area. In the back of this room a large group of about 17 continued the loud and lively atmosphere.

Christchurch - Pomeroys on Kilmore

Most of the rest of the tables around us in the dark paneled casual yet cozy dining room were still empty with reserved plaques on them, some of which didn’t fill until 9PM, much later than in the rural restaurants we’ve been frequenting for the last several nights.

The menu offers the usual bar fare choices – salads, burgers, steak, fish of the day and of course fish and chips –

Christchurch - Pomeroys on Kilmore

and something we haven’t seen before, homemade pork cracklings. Don has fond childhood memories of fresh pork cracklings as a byproduct of the lard making process in his small town and buys them on very rare occasion. As such we though it time for a culinary splurge and ordered a plate. Served warm they were everything we were hoping for – fresh, super crunchy with great pork flavor.

Christchurch - Pomeroys on Kilmore

For mains we tasted the spicy lamb salad, a combination of Mediterranean vegetables and flavors – grilled eggplant and zucchini along with a creamy goat cheese and Kalamata olives dressed with an odd twist of a very spicy Indian style hot sauce. I’m not sure that the flavorful salad needed the heat, but I didn’t mind it either.

Christchurch - Pomeroys on Kilmore

Don ordered the beer batter fish and chips served fresh hot and crispy.

With 31 beers on tap we held off on the wine for an evening and went for the beer. The barman was kind enough to give us a sampling of a few of the offerings before we ordered an ale, the Mussel Inn Captain Cooker with a medicinal note of manuka – a New Zealand herb, and the Tuatara Best Biter. Both excellent.

Lunch on the pleasant porch of the Coffee House Café and Bistro located near the Botanic Gardens.

Christchurch - The Coffee House

Tried the brochette with salmon and tapenade and the chicken sandwich.

Christchurch - The Coffee House

And one of my New Zealand favorites, a flat white – a wonderfully milky concoction made with espresso.


The casual contemporary dining room is furnished with black leather benches and dark wood tables. Carpeting softens the noise, over-sized art work adds a sense of style and a large angled mirror in the corner of the ceiling reflects the evening light as well giving a bird’s-eye view of the diners below.

Christchurch - Restaurant Fiddlesticks

Started with the mussels and chorizo – green lipped mussels – large a little chewy and bitter. I’m realizing that I really don’t like New Zealand mussels as much as their succulent northern hemisphere cousins.

Christchurch - Restaurant Fiddlesticks

The daily feast special was a rack of venison – tender and beautifully cooked on the rare side of the medium rare served on a bed of confit shallots, mushrooms and bacon. For sides we chose the baby cos – looks like romaine lettuce leaves – with dried cranberries, cornichon and crouts – thin sliced croutons and that’s it, no dressing or other fancy adornment. A deconstructed salad in need of some construction. The side of baby bok choy was good but unremarkable.

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  1. Hamilton says:

    Too bad most of the food wasn’t as good as it looks.

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