End of the GR20 – Return to Hotel Monte d’Oro, Vizzavona, Corsica, France

June 26, 2014

The reality that the trek is over begins to sink in along with a sense of total exhaustion. After we clean-up and have a celebratory beer and chips in the hotel courtyard we take a well-deserved nap and fall sound asleep.

Vizzavona - Hotel Monte d'Oro

Checking into the hotel for the second time they put us in one of the ensuite rooms in one of the buildings behind the main house. While the room is not as charming as the ones in the main house – the bed not as firm and the bathroom very basic and dark – it’s nice to have a bathroom and the space to lay out our damp gear.

Vizzavona - Hotel Monte d'Oro

Before dinner we have a drink in the large funky salon. On a Thursday evening the room is practically empty, quite the contrast from the Saturday evening we were here before.

Don notices that the US vs Germany World Cup game is on in the TV room and we go in to watch the end. The host realizing that we are American, graciously keeps the channel on the US vs Germany game even though the Portugal vs Ghana game is more interesting. “C’est normal” he explains. The US loses but has still qualified for the next round. Germany would go on to win the title.

Vizzavona - Hotel Monte d'Oro

Dinner is the same menu as the last time we were here. We have the same soup. Don has the same trout and

Vizzavona - Hotel Monte d'Oro

I try the grilled duck breast served with green beans and a small pot of potatoes with leeks. For dessert I can’t resist their lemon tart.

Vizzavona - Hotel Monte d'Oro

The hotel breakfast buffet is the same general offering as served at other establishments, but of a higher quality than most – flakey pain au chocolat, fresh rolls, charcuterie and a selection of local cheeses, fresh fruit salad, homemade jams and the usual yogurt, cereal, juice, etc. Good coffee out of a machine.

June 27, 2014

Vizzavona - Hotel Monte d'Oro

Woke to a few clouds but by late morning it’s a beautiful day for hiking – clear sky, cool, light breeze. Too bad we are on our way back to Ajaccio and then the States the next morning.

Vizzavona - train station

After two weeks of hiking we both feel good with few aches and no real injuries or strains. The trail was tough but in the end made us stronger, albeit lighter. We each lost 4-5 pounds. It was an amazing experience and one of my all-time favorite trips. I would highly recommend it for those so inclined.

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