ITC Maratha, Mumbai, India – Hotel Review

January 23, 2015

Conveniently located, practically across the street from Mumbai’s international airport, the ITC Maratha is a 5 star business type hotel that has managed to retain the local Indian charm.

Mumbai - ITC Maratha

At the center of the beautifully done seven-story building is a bright white atrium graced with palm trees where you can dine at their Peshwa Pavilion, their 24 hour restaurant. The hotel has a number of other excellent restaurants including the popular – ranked #4 out of nearly 7,000 restaurants in Mumbai on TripAdvisor – and very expensive Peshawri (see below).

Mumbai - ITC Maratha

The combination of business hotel practicality and comfort combined with an Indian flair continues in the guest rooms, which are large, comfortable and quiet. Just what you need after a long flight or a hectic day on the energized streets of Mumbai.

Peshawri Restaurant

While an expensive business account restaurant and very expensive for Indian fare, they also have amazingly good food, typical of the northern Peshawar region, and friendly service.

Mumbai - ITC Maratha - Peshawri

You feel like you’re in a Disneyland version of India – everything just a little too clean, thematically decorated, and oddly comfortable in a make believe place where people eat exotic foods with their hands. That said the food lives up to their reputation.

Mumbai - ITC Maratha - Peshawri

Although they are known for their amazing lamb dishes, we were looking for something a little lighter and ordered the tandoori pomfret, a fish, along with the tandoori salad, really cooked vegies and paneer cheese on a skewer served with pineapple, and their renowned dal made super rich with the addition of cream and a douse of ghee, clarified butter, yum!

Way too expensive, but fun and easy for the first night in or a last night out.

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