Bella Art and Meditation House, Alleppey, Kerala, India

February 1, 2015

Bella Art and Meditation House


Spotlessly clean and exotically yet tastefully decorated, it smacks of a foreigner’s hand. In this case, Natasha from Poland has created a lovely and reasonably priced oasis that is an easy walk from the houseboat dock. She was unfortunately away during our visit and her husband Biju took care of us. A generally nice local guy who warmly greeted us with a yummy pineapple welcome drink and a map of town with the restaurants and points of interests marked.

Just don’t tell him that the Wifi isn’t working. He tends to get a bit ruffled. My normally sweet husband nearly got us thrown out of the meditation house for insisting that the Wifi connection needed to be rebooted.  I’m sure things run more smoothly when Natasha is home.


Breakfast is a choice of Continental (western) or Kerala (rice cake and curry).  Biju makes a great masala omelet. The coffee is good and served in large mugs, the toast is the standard white bread served with not great jelly.


Rooms are comfortable, although the curtains are thin and there is a light that shines all night outside the lavender room. If light bothers you I’d inquire about a different room or wear an eyeshade.

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