Mysore Palace Video, Mysore, India

The Mysore Palace is a stunner. One of the most dazzling interiors I have ever seen. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed inside (see below for the link to the video). The outside grounds, where photos are allowed, are extensive but not remarkable.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace

Free camera storage is available near the main entrance at the south gate, to your right as you enter the grounds. They lock it in a locker and give you a numbered key.

Mysore Palace

Next you deposit your shoes near the main entrance to the palace. On a weekday afternoon the entrance seemed crowded but once inside the immense palace engulfs the masses and you can tour the interior comfortably. Before entering pickup your audioguide, included in the price, just after passing through the metal detector and bag inspection.

Mysore Palace

The palace was built in 1912 on the burnt out grounds of the former palace. Designed by the English architect Henry Irwin, it is a harmonized combination of European sensibility and Indian decoration.

The audio tour starts with a model of the palace and some of the King’s possessions, interesting but the real show stoppers are the cavernous inner halls, starting with the Marriage Pavillion on the ground floor. The dizzyingly high atrium ceiling is gorgeous. The walls and columns display myriad details and every surface is either carved or elaborately painted. This is also true of the smaller but still impressive Private Durbar Hall and the Public Durbar Hall, a terrace that leads to a spectator gallery facing the procession grounds in front of the palace.

This government video has the best photos of the palace I’ve found. Be sure to use the directional arrows in the bottom right corner to fully see these fabulous rooms. Of particular interest are:

9 Marriage Pavillion
14 Wrestling Courtyard
16 Public Durbar Hall
20 Private Durbar Hall

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2 Responses to Mysore Palace Video, Mysore, India

  1. hchamney says:

    WOW, that palace is remarkable!! You must have been itching with your camera finger!

    • baidanbi says:

      It really is a shame. What’s more you can’t even buy postcards of the interior. Someone is really missing out a great revenue stream.

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