Chamundi Hill and Sri Chamundeswari Temple, Mysore, India

February 5, 2015

Chamundi Hill

We thought we could climb Chamundi Hill in the morning for a little exercise and visit Sri Chamundeswari temple at the top. Due to communication difficulties with our driver we did not find the pilgrim path that leads up the hill to the temple until it was too late.

Chamundi Hill - Nandi, the Shiva’s bull

It was only on the drive back down when we stopped at the very photogenic Nandi, the Shiva’s bull carved in 1659 from a single stone, that we found the steps, just next to the bull, that lead to the temple.

Chamundi Hill - Sri Chamunderwari Temple Chamundi Hill - Sri Chamunderwari Temple

Chamundi Hill

The temple itself is interesting for a slice of life glimpse at the many worshipers that visit the complex. Photos are allowed inside but not in the inner sanctum.

Chamundi Hill - Sri Chamunderwari Temple

Outside the doorway to the inner sanctum we were shanghaied into a tour we did not want. After listening for a few minutes and learning that photos were allowed in the surrounding outer courtyard Don graciously paid the guy off.

Chamundi Hill Chamundi Hill Chamundi Hill

Despite the stalls of flowers and fruits lining the open square, the top of Chamundi Hill and the area surrounding the complex are rather typical India dingy.

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