Hoysala Village Resort, Hassan, India – Review

February 5, 2015

Hoysala Village Resort

A last minute addition to our itinerary, we arrived late in the afternoon and left early the next day leaving us little time to take advantage of the resort grounds – a tranquil garden setting with a pleasant pool.

Hoysala Village Resort Hoysala Village Resort

Our room was spacious, comfortable and thoughtfully decorated. Wifi, however, was only available in the lobby.

A buffet is offered for all meals, however you can also get lunch and dinner a la carte which we did.

Hoysala Village Resort

The tandoori chicken at lunch was cooked to order and served fresh hot, but the fish tikka ordered at dinner was served cold and we had to ask for it to be reheated. Despite that, the rest of the dishes were well prepared and we enjoyed a pleasant evening under the stars, near the fire pit on the resort’s outdoor terrace. Funny, we were the only ones dining outside despite the pleasant temperatures.

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One Response to Hoysala Village Resort, Hassan, India – Review

  1. hchamney says:

    Oh that room is amazing!! Would you believe I had some of the best Indian food in Hanoi in Vietnam?! Of course, the owner was Indian and had brought over 7 chefs from all over India to work there, lol. But omg soooo good.

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