Uramma Heritage Homes, Anegundi (Hampi), India

Feburary 6, 2015

The Uramma Cottages, in Anegundi across the river from Hampi Bazaar, offer a quieter base for visiting the sights of Hampi.

Ferry Crossing

It is connected to Hampi by a ferry that runs back and forth during daylight hours, supposedly from 7:30AM to 6:00 in the evening. Check with the hotel to confirm.

Ferry Crossing

It takes a while to load the motorbikes at each end, the pilot stops and comes ashore to eat from time to time, and the ferry can get quite crowded, but otherwise it is fairly easy. 10 inr per person.

coracles also cross the river

coracles also cross the river

Walk to Ferry Crossing

The Uramma complex is an easy 10 minute walk up from the dock. Their staff will meet your boat and help with the luggage if you call ahead. It’s a pretty walk along a lane of rice fields and village homes. Children are eager to say hello and wave. A few ask for coins or money, but most are just happy to see you. There is a school across the street from the complex so the cottage grounds are not the quiet, tranquil setting that they advertise. That said, it is a comfortable place with a pleasant garden area, reasonably good food and a friendly staff.

Uramma Cottage Uramma Cottage

Rooms are spacious, beds comfortable and the bathrooms rustic but functional. Shower water pressure is low and you need to call the office to get the hot water turned on, takes 20 minutes to heat. Siraj kindly ordered our hot water when he saw us return in the evening without us having to ask. Power goes off frequently -best to bring some sort of torch or light – but generally goes back on in a few minutes. Each time it goes out you can hear Siraj yell in the dark “Power is coming soon”.

Siraj seems to run the place, speaks reasonably good English and is eager to please.

Uramma Cottage

Meals are served in the dining tent. One night was a fixed menu with a choice of veg or non-veg. The second evening was a limited buffet spread. Both were only Indian dishes. Veg options were tasty and well prepared, including dal, a veg gravy dish, rice or couscous, bread, yogurt, etc. On the first night the chicken dish was almost all bones so we didn’t bother with the meat option on the second evening. Breakfast is a choice of egg preparations served with toast, homemade jams, some kind of Indian rice or other starch, juice and coffee or tea.

Wifi is only available in the reception area.

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3 Responses to Uramma Heritage Homes, Anegundi (Hampi), India

  1. lovetotrav says:

    What did you actually think of Hampi? Is it worth the length of time to get there from Kerala?

    • baidanbi says:

      Hi Cheryl, From Kerala that is two long days or more, so I would say no. However if you are going to Mysore or Bangalore and don’t mind taking the overnight train it might be worth it if you like these kinds of ruins. Hampi Bazaar definitely has a laid back expat feel that depending on your tastes could make a good place to chill for a couple of days with plenty of ruins to explore. I’ve divided the ruins we visited in a quick day and half into the next 6 posts. For me the experience would have been better if we had seen the ruins over more days and just lazed around during the hottest part of the day.

      • lovetotrav says:

        Thanks so much for all the info! I know it is so hard trying to get a mix of down town during the hot part of the day and sightseeing in as well. Looking forward to the posts on the ruins!

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