Catching the Ferry to Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

September 12, 2015

Isla del Sol, one of the highlights of Lake Titicaca, is definitely worth an overnight visit. In fact we skipped the rather ugly port town of Copacabana and headed straight for the island.

Lake Titcaca - Copacabana

Arriving in Copacabana at about 12:30PM (Bolivia is one hour ahead of Peru) we had time for lunch before catching the ferry on to Isla del Sol. It is a short downhill walk to the dock from the bus station.

Lake Titcaca - Copacabana

Boats for Isla del Sol leave at 1:30PM. The dock is rather confusing as to where you buy tickets and get on the boat. Ask around and they’ll direct you to the right ticket booth and boat. Just be sure of where you want to go, Yumani on the south side of the island or Challapampa on the north side.

Lake Titcaca - Boat to Isla del Sol

Just before 1:30PM they began packing the small ferry. More and more people, I don’t know how they got so many people on. There was next to no space for luggage and we were practically sitting on our packs.

Lake Titcaca - Boat to Isla del Sol

When they can’t squeeze another body on the boat, they leave the dock. Those that don’t fit on the first boat board a different one. All boats, however, seem to leave at the same time, but I don’t really understand their system.

Lake Titcaca - Boat to Isla del Sol

The ferry chugs slowly across the lake spewing fumes into the crowded cabin. Between the fumes and the altitude I had a nasty headache by the time we reached Yumani.

Lake Titcaca - Boat to Isla del Sol Lake Titcaca - Arriving at Isla del Sol

We had arranged for a pickup at the dock. Thank god we did or we would have never found the lodge.

Lake Titcaca - Arriving at Isla del Sol

When we got off the ferry a round local woman in traditional dress was there waiting for us. After she packed up our bags and slung them over a mule – can’t believe how strong she was – she collected her other mules and we headed up the hill.

Trail to Palla Khasa Eco Lodge

Trail to Palla Khasa Eco Lodge

Despite what it says in Lonely Planet it’s at least a mile to the Palla Khasa Eco Lodge from the dock. First you have to climb up to the top of the town and then over the ridge and about 300 meters along the ridge trail that connects the north and south parts of the island.

Isla del Sol - Palla Khasa Eco Lodge

With a beautiful and isolated setting, a stay here is worth the journey.

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