Palla Khasa Eco Lodge, Yumani, Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

September 13, 2015

Isla del Sol - Yumani

The Palla Khasa Eco Lodge has a pretty setting off by itself above the Yumani Port (south side of the island) along the trail that traverses the spine of the island. From the ferry port it’s about a mile along a steep track through town to reach the lodge. It is therefore, best to arrange someone to meet you at the dock with a mule to carry your bags.

Isla del Sol - Palla Khasa Eco Lodge

Isla del Sol - Palla Khasa Eco Lodge

The lodge compound is comprised of regular rooms, larger bungalows in individual buildings, a sunny terraced garden and a restaurant with a cozy fireplace. While other lodges closer to the Yumani port have electricity, this eco lodge has only a battery charging station in the restaurant and solar powered hot showers. It was very empty the nights we stayed at the lodge. Could be that most travelers prefer the places with electricity in town or at the top of the ridge above town.

Isla del Sol - Palla Khasa Eco Lodge

We upgraded the room and got one of the large bungalows. The triple room with one large bed and one single has a sitting area and spacious bathroom that warms nicely in the afternoon sun. The room is decorated in rustic heavy wood furniture and light warm down comforters for a very cozy night’s sleep.

Trucha a la Plancha

Trucha a la Plancha

The dining room is also decorated in a rustic style with heavy wood furniture. Meals are basic and adequate. The vegetable quinoa soup was one of the best things we tasted off the menu. The trucha (trout) a la plancha is simple but well done. The spaghetti Bolognese, however, is weird with green beans and squash and not much meat.

Service is very friendly but very slow as there is just one woman, who I believe is the wife of the owner and seems to do everything.

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