Visiting La Paz, Bolivia on Election Day

September 20, 2015

La Paz

We were all set to see the markets in the city center – Lanza food market, La Hechiceria or Witches Market where religious offerings are sold, and the Black Market further up the road. Turns out that today, a Sunday, nearly everything was closed due to voting on a referendum.

La Paz

Avenida Santa Cruz


The streets of La Paz, which are nearly always packed, were deserted except for the areas around the guarded polling locations.

In the Witches Market and Black Market we found a couple of vendors open for business, but never learned why some were and most weren’t.  Most restaurants remained closed for the day and no alcohol could be bought, not even at the hotel restaurants which did remain open.

Photos from a nearly empty La Paz.

La Paz

Iglesia de San Francisco

La PazLa PazLa PazLa Paz

La Paz

Vendor in the Witches Market

La Paz


Llama fetuses are placed under the foundation when building a new house for luck.

La Paz

Busy Food Vendors in the Black Market

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