Day 2 Lauca National Park, Chile

September 24, 2015

This is part of a 5 day/4 night private tour with Mayuru Tours from Arica to San Pedro de Atacama through the Chilean Altiplano. For their complete itinerary click here.

Today’s trip starts and ends in Putre and visits several sights in Lauca National Park. A rather low-impact itinerary, stopping at several viewpoints with a chance to walk around a bit.  With the altitude, around 4,500 meters/ 14800 ft, I was not feeling my strongest and didn’t mind the slow pace.

Lauca National Park

We set out at 9:30AM on a beautiful clear morning with a few puffy clouds in an otherwise deep blue sky. Our route began back along the main road towards the border that we had seen from the bus on our way to Arica three days before.

Sights included:

Las Cuevas (the Caves)

Lauca National Park - Las Cuevas

Hot springs than run through the area


Lauca National Park - Las Cuevas

Vizcacha – nocturnal animal that hides in the rocks during the day

Lauca National Park - Cotacotani

Yareta – very slow growing plant


Laguna de Cotacotani

Lauca National Park - Cotacotani


Lake Chungara

Lauca National Park - Lake Chungara

Alpacas feeding in the lake

Lauca National Park - Lake Chungara


Lauca National Park - Lake Chungara

Chile / Peru Border

Truck’s lined up at the Bolivan border


Village of Parinacota

Village of ParinacotaVillage of Parinacota


Lunch was at an unnamed truck stop with simple food  – quinoa vegetable  soup and thin slices of salty beef over spaghetti.


Lauca national Park


In the afternoon we saw our first vicuñas and guanacos, both wild species related to llamas and alpacas. While vicuña sightings would become a daily event on our trip across the Altiplano, this was the only time we saw the guanaco.

Lauca National Park


Lauca national ParkThis structure was used by the Inkas to trap the vicunas in 14th to 17th century.

Lauca national Park

Volcanos Parinacota and Pomerape

We decide to skip the Jurasi hot springs and ended back in Putre at about 4PM.

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2 Responses to Day 2 Lauca National Park, Chile

  1. hchamney says:

    WOW I love this series of photos!! Beautiful!

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