Sleeping and Dining in Putre, Chile

September 24, 2015


Putre (3500 meters/11,500 ft), set in a green valley off the main road to Arica, makes a good base for acclimating to the altitude before exploring higher elevations in Lauca National Park.


Terrace Lodge and Café

Putre - Terrace Lodge and Cafe

Very basic rooms but clean and warmly decorated with modern conveniences such potable tap water and toilets that can handle toilet paper. Rooms also include good quality sheets and towels and a safe for valuables.  Not surprisingly, the establishment is run by an Italian.

Breakfast is served individually and includes bread, juice, ham, cheese, yogurt, jam, margarine and instant coffee, or you can pay for espresso.

La Chakana

Putre - Hotel Chakana

Located on the edge of town about a 15 minute walk from the town center, this hotel has sizable cabins with high ceilings, nothing fancy, but clean and comfortable.

Putre - Hotel Chakana

There is no safe in the room and the hot water in the shower was sporadic. Breakfast included instant coffee, bread, cheese, cold cuts, yogurt, muesli and jam. Adequate but not great.


Canta Verdi

Nice enough place. Very basic meals such as Reineta a la plancha (a grilled local fish), chicken breast or other meats with a choice of sides – purée or rice.  A wood fire added a cozy ambiance on a cold night.

Kuchu Marka

Considered to be the best restaurant in Putre, it has a cozy dining room decorated in rustic dark wood furniture and brightly painted walls with artisan touches.

Vegetable cream soup tasted like a Knorr mix but the chicken soup tasted homemade with chunks of meat.

For mains we tried the chicken picante –chunks of chicken with potatoes in a picante sauce, and the llaite omelet. Llaite is a local fresh water aquatic plant – like seaweed. It didn’t add much to the omelet which was overcooked and dry for my tastes.

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