Sleeping and Eating in Uyuni, Bolivia

October 2, 1015

Hotel Jardines de Uyuni is located a few blocks from the center of town and the Cordillera Traveller office.

Booking a room here was more time consuming that the typical online reservation as they wanted the deposit sent via Western Union.

Uyuni - Hotel Jardines de Uyuni

Rooms are smallish but clean and nicely decorated. No safe or hairdryer but a decent Wifi connection.

Uyuni - Hotel Jardines de Uyuni

The attraction of this hotel, popular with tour groups, is the comfortable covered atrium, one of the few pleasant places to hang out in Uyuni, a desolate frontier town with long streets of dusty buildings.


Uyuni, Bolivia

We encountered one minor glitch. Our taxi to the airport, ordered the night before with the hotel receptionist, did not arrive. Don ended up flagging one down one for us off the street without much difficultly.

Flights to La PazAmaszonas Línea Aérea has several flights a day to La Paz. The 45 minute flight costs about $100 – $150USD one way.


Uyuni has tons of pizza options but our new Italian friends did not want to eat pizza or any other subpar Italian food.

We finally settled on Bolivian food at the Lithium Club. Although the food was reasonably good they served the worst pisco sours of the entire trip, warm and without much fruit flavor. The mains included a beef dish with an egg on top and fried chicken, both served with potatoes, rice and vegetables.

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