Driving to Madaba via Mount Nebo, Jordan

May 9, 2016

Drive to Madaba

The Dead Sea Highway to Madaba passes through the agricultural belt of Jordan surrounded by stark desert hills.

Drive to Madaba

Lines and lines of green houses and open fields interspersed with the occasional herd of goats and or sheep. In May vendors sell produce along the road, everything from well-established stalls to a guy with one box of peppers.

Mt Nebo

The last stretch to Madaba passes over Mount Nebo of Moses fame. The Memorial church is still under construction but it looks like it will be stunning judging from the gleaming exterior.

Mt Nebo

Part of Large Mosaic at the Church Site

Mt NeboMt NeboThe viewpoint overlooking the valley towards Israel was the most crowded place we have seen yet in Jordan. Busloads of tourists from around the world make the pilgrimage to this important spot. At 3:30PM on a hazy day the view really isn’t much too look at. Still you can see the Dead Sea and into Israel from this vantage point.

Mt Nebo

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