Drive from Delphi to Olympia, Greece


May 20, 2016

Drive from Delphi to Olympia

On a dreary overcast day the drive from Delphi to Olympia took us about 3 and half hours.


Drive from Delphi to OlympiaDrive from Delphi to OlympiaThe first part along the southern edge of mainland Greece parallels the coast above pretty Greek towns that look more prosperous than not.

Drive from Delphi to OlympiaRio-Antirrio Bridge

Once across the impressive Rio–Antirrio bridge (according to Wikipedia one of the world’s longest multi-span cable-stayed bridges) the scenery and level of prosperity goes downhill. This is working Greece with lots of rural type industries and abandoned buildings. It’s not until you get closer to Olympia that the living conditions starts to improve.

Aigli Restaurant oustide of Pyrgos

Sign for the Aigli Restaurant

The first reliable looking restaurant we came across was Aigli just north of Pyrgos. A big place that smelled of the jasmine flowers planted all around the outer dining room. Had a good quality lunch for about $20 for both of us.

Aigli Restaurant oustide of Pyrgos

The waiter had us select our dishes from the kitchen window – quarter chicken, luscious eggplant, stuffed tomatoes, Greek salad and fabulous bread.

Past Pyrgos restaurants become more frequent as you near Olympia.

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