Sleeping and Dining near Olympia, Greece

May 21, 2016

If you are traveling by car, Pisa, the next village over from Olympia, makes a great base for exploring the ruins and museums. Although the parking lot near the archaeological site is small,  we had no difficulty finding parking during our stay.

Outide of Pisa near Olympia

Driving into Pisa

Note that the road that goes in front of the archaeological site and would connect directly to Pisa is closed to regular traffic, necessitating the need to go around on the main highway between the two towns.

Bacchus Pension and Tavern

Bacchus Pension and Tavern

Terrace off of the room

The  Bacchus hotel and tavern, located in Pisa,  has small but clean and comfortable rooms that overlook a lush green (in May) valley of olive groves. Small euro bathroom and shower. Other amenities include a fridge and good wifi, but there is no safe or water boiler.  Bacchus Pension and Tavern

The restaurant has an outdoor terrace with the same great views, although it was a little too cold for outdoor seating while we were there. The pleasant dining room was nearly empty except for a few guests.

Bacchus Pension and Tavern

The food, however, was simple, reasonably priced and quite good. We ordered a Greek salad, salt cod – lightly fried in olive oil – and mountain greens. The salt cod, one of Don’s favorites, was served fresh hot with the outer skin still crispy.  With our meal we had a carafe of the house red. Drinkable and much better that the bottle of red we ordered in Delphi.

Bacchus Pension and Tavern

The breakfast buffet starts at 8AM. A coffee machine serves good coffee and you can get as many cups as you like. The buffet includes the usual Greek items, i.e., thick Greek yogurt, cereal, muesli, cold cuts and cheese and OK bread. The real treat is the fresh hot pastries, including both sweet and savory cheese pies.

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