Arriving on Mykonos, Greece

May 27, 2016

Mykonos - Old Port

After a short 40 minute flight from Athens we arrived on Mykonos and took a shared taxi, 10 Euros per couple, for the very short ride into town. Really too expensive but it’s what you do in tourist destinations such as this. We still had to walk a block or two to our hotel as cars are not allowed in the old town.


Avoiding the brightest sun we hit the streets at around 6PM. The most tourists we have seen anywhere by far, but after more than week of sleepy tourist towns it’s fun to experience a vibrant buzz.

Mykonos - Old Port

The later it got, i.e., closer to sunset, the more people hit the streets. Shops, cafes and restaurants were all busy but certainly not like they would be in high season. Late May is really a perfect time to be here with nice weather and a lively scene but not annoyingly chaotic.


Mykonos at Dawn

Mykonos town is quite small, a maze of quaint white buildings, all trimmed in blue or a variant of sea blue to green with those iconic pathways, the stones outlined in white paint, that lead you through the maze. While you can get lost for a few minutes you generally wind up someplace that you recognize. The town just isn’t that big.

Mykonos at Sunset

At sunset the tourists, including incoming tourists from cruise ships, all head for the windmills just above the old port on the far end of town for sunset.

Mykonos at Sunset

It’s quite the scene with the restaurants, bars and cafes that boast this view packed at this hour. In my opinion a rather dim hazy sunset on this particular evening but great people watching.

Mykonos at Sunset

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