Day Hike Srednji Vrh, Kranjska Gora, Julian Alps, Slovenia

June 13, 2016

Wanting to do some hiking in the Julian Alps of Slovenia, we chose Kranjska Gora as a home base for 6 nights. The next several posts discuss hiking trails and day trips in the region.

Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-15

Walk  3 Srednji Vrh in Cicerone’s The Julian Alps of Slovenia is a loop hike that starts and ends in Kranjska Gora. In fact it passes by our hotel, Penzion Lipa.

Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-4

At lunch threatening storm clouds were building. Looking at the weather forecast we decided to wait it out and hope that things would clear a bit in the afternoon. Sunset at this time of year isn’t until nearly 9PM so we could do a pretty late hike.

Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-6


The thundershowers started around 3PM, but as we were hoping the skies cleared enough that we quickly packed up a day pack and headed out.

Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-5

A straightforward, pretty walk up into the hills on the other side of the road from town with dramatic views looking back over the valley to the peaks with meandering streams, bubbling cascades, forested sections, meadows of wildflowers, and even a farm complete with chickens, cows and amazing views.

Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-7Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-8Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-9Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-10Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-11Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-12Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-13Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-14Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-17Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-18Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-19


Srednji Vrh

The Cicerone guidebook does a good job describing the walk, although at the end of the walk on trail 19 heading back to Kranjska Gora they have you cross a bridge and walk along the along the road. There is now a trail, marked 19, that follows the stream instead. Took us about 3 hours to complete the loop.

Walk 3 Sredniji Vrh-16

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