Day Hike Pec (Tromeja), Ratece, Julian Alps, Slovenia

June 14, 2016

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-6

Walk 2 Pec (Tromeja) in Cicerone’s The Julian Alps of Slovenia starts in the town of Ratece a few miles up the road from Kranjska Gora. The book talks about walking or taking the bus. We drove but weren’t sure where to park.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja

There was very little activity in town on a rainy Tuesday morning, but the 4 public parking spots at the bus stop were taken. Don asked at the market next door where to park and she let us park in front of the store.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-2Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-3

This is another pretty walk through green forest. The track interchanges between more developed roads and forest paths, frequently running alongside the creek.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-5

Lots of wild flowers. The book description has you follow a paved road for a good 2k, but there is an alternative route, marked trail 18, that continues alongside the stream.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-15

We missed one turnoff heading up, here, but the road along the stream is a much gentler ascent.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-4

Gentler ascent along the stream

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-16.jpg

Once you reach the meadow head left, west, back around a building. On the far edge of the adjacent field, again left or west, you’ll see the sign for trail 18,

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-14

which leads up this second field to the road. There is a hut at the top of field with a short set of stairs that lead to the road. The rest of the way we followed the instructions in the book.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-8

Nearing the end of the switchbacks to the summit you’ll find benches to rest at with increasingly spectacular views.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-7

Bourns on the side of the trail mark the border with Italy.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-12

At the summit you’ve reach the intersection of the borders of Slovenia, Italy and Austria. Several monuments mark this fact.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-10Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-9

Valley views into Austria on this stormy day were not so clear but still impressive.

Walk 2 Pec Tromeja-11

The trail is well marked although there are a number of options you can take that will get you to the same place.

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