Drive Through the Soca Valley, Julian Alps, Slovenia

June 15, 2016

Soca Valley-14

A drive through the Soca Valley in is one of the highlights of Triglav National Park. The glacial blue streams are magical against the green, green landscape and rugged peaks.

Soca Valley

After the Sleme hike we continued down from the Vsric pass to the Soca Valley following the Rick Steves driving tour described in his guidebook.

With the rainy weather views were somewhat obscured.

Soca Valley-15

Hungry, we had lunch at the first reasonable place, Metoja. Great sauerkraut soup and bean soup made with Slovenian sausage.

Soca Valley-4

View from Rick’s suspension bridge

We continued on along the clear blue-green Soca River through the valley, thick with green vegetation. An unbeatable combination, especially against a stormy sky. Several suspension bridges give you great views of the river. Although pretty, there are better view points than the one just after the bridge suggested by Rick.

Soca Valley-6

A narrow gap Velika Korita Soce, just past the town of Soca, boasts dramatic views of a narrow gorge. If you’re a scrambler go down a bit for better views. There is a very short steep track on the right at the bridge entrance from the parking lot or cross the bridge and take the track down and then go down river. We did the second option and climbed over the rocks back to the first option.

Soca Valley-5

This is also an area of WWI and WWII sights. We stopped at the Church of St Joseph decorated by a local artist during the war with some unusual interpretations on religious themes. A WWI cemetery sits in back of the church.

Soca Valley-9

Hike to the Boka waterfall

The Boka waterfall, if you like waterfalls, is worth the 10 to 15 minute hike up to the viewpoint, uphill on a rocky path but it’s not as bad of a climb as Rick makes it out to be.

Soca Valley-16Soca Valley-17

It’s an Impressive sight for the cascade of water between the big fall and the river below.

Soca Valley-12

Cemetery at Bovec

Later in the day, after it had been clearing for a bit, the sky started to darken again. Wanted one last stop on a bridge for a final photo of the water and stumbled on this shot.

Soca Valley-13

Just love the contrast in colors. Sometimes a stormy day can become your best friend.

Soca Valley-2

Shot earlier in the day

If the cloud cover is high enough the Soca Valley can be very pretty and dramatic on rainy day. In fact I think it is prettier in a softer light. The colors are more brilliant and you get the deepest color in the water. The sunny skies wash out the colors and blow out the water.

Vrsic Pass

As we headed back home over Vrsic pass the rain increased with very low visibility but a wonderful drive winding through the rain saturated forest. Glimpses of awesome peaks sometimes brilliantly lit through narrow openings.

It was still raining at dinner time. in fact it is still raining the next morning as I’m typing this. I keep telling myself there is a reason it is so green here.

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6 Responses to Drive Through the Soca Valley, Julian Alps, Slovenia

  1. hchamney says:

    This is seriously so beautiful! How many days total did you spend in Slovenia?

    • baidanbi says:

      We spent 6 days in the Julian Alps and another 2 nights in Ljubljana, but you really wouldn’t need to spend that much time in the mountains.

  2. bduncan says:

    This is awesome! We are headed there very soon. Question—is the “narrow gap at Mlinarica” your referenced in your post, the same as the “Grand Canyon of Soca” Rick Steves talks about in his book? Also you mentioned that there were more impressive spots/bridges than the one Rick suggested—do you remember which one it was? I’m looking for prime spots to photograph. Thanks so much! Looks amazing.

    • baidanbi says:

      Hi bduncan, Yes, Mlinarica is the same as Rick’s Grand Canyon of Soca. I’m not sure where I got that name, but looking at the map again I don’t think that name is right and I will change it on my post.
      Unfortunately I don’t remember the specific stopping points for views of the river, just that there were a number pull offs with suspension bridges and great views. In fact looking at the photo in the Rick Steves guidebook again, I don’t think it was taken at the suspension bridge he mentions. Hope you have a fabulous trip. Will you post photos somewhere?

      • bduncan says:

        Thank you! This was super helpful. I love your guys’ site. We are essentially doing your same Slovenia/Croatia/Kotor/Mostar trip but backwards next week. Your posts have been incredibly helpful and your pictures are exceptional. I’ll be following this site for other trip advice!

      • baidanbi says:

        Hi bduncan, Thank you so much for the feedback. That’s really great to hear!

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