Day trip to Lake Bled, Slovenia

June 17, 2016

Day trip to Lake Bled-11

With more rain predicted today, in fact this was to be the worst day, the forecast for Bled looked better than in Kranjska Gora but still with showers around.

Day trip to Lake Bled

View from our hotel in Kranjska Gora

If you are going to be spending some time in the area be sure to check the weather forecast and try to manage your activities. The forecasts have been reasonably accurate and we have been able to do short hikes, around 3 hours, between showers.

It’s about a 30 minute drive from Kranjska Gora to Bled. In the off season there is plenty of parking although we had some difficult finding parking machines that worked and ended up parking near the Hotel Savika and the Golf Hotel for 5 euros /day, half what the public lots charge.

Day trip to Lake Bled-3

Pretty walk around the lake, a brooding sky with dark clouds on either end but bright blue straight above which lit the castle.

Day trip to Lake Bled-12Day trip to Lake Bled-6

The walk is a pleasant activity, about hour and half or more depending on what you do along the way. Although much of the pathway is through sections of green forest it is also built up around the lake. More of an urban park walk than a secluded forest walk.

Day trip to Lake Bled-10

Great views of the castle and the island with a charming church viewed from every angle and in different settings.

For a birds eye viewpoint, in addition to climbing to the castle, on the west end of the lake there are 3 hills with viewpoints.

Day trip to Lake Bled-9

With the iffy weather, muddy trail and questionable light, we just went to one, had a lovely picnic and returned to the lakeside walk. Ojstrica was just a 15 minute walk up a muddy track, still the views are worth a little mud on your shoes. Just be careful as the mud is slick!

More photos from Lake Bled

Day trip to Lake Bled-2Day trip to Lake Bled-4Day trip to Lake Bled-5Day trip to Lake Bled-7Day trip to Lake Bled-8Day trip to Lake Bled-13Day trip to Lake Bled-14Day trip to Lake Bled-15Day trip to Lake Bled-16

The drive back to Kranjska Gora via route 907 is a fun back road alternative to the main expressway.

Day trip to Lake Bled-18

Monument to Rodovna village burned by the Germans in 1943

Day trip to Lake Bled-19

Day trip to Lake Bled-20


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2 Responses to Day trip to Lake Bled, Slovenia

  1. Evangelina says:

    Looks wonderful! I LOVED picture No. 1, 9, 14, 16 and 17. They were beautiful.

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