Day 2, Little Kwara, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Aug 25, 2016

Woke to rustling in the trees outside our tent. Must be the elephant that was hanging around the previous day.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-38.jpg

6AM it is barely getting light. We have just enough time to get organized and enjoy a light breakfast at 6:30 before heading to the lagoon for a mokoro ride.

We leave camp shortly after 7 and immediately are told that a leopard has been spotted and would we mind taking a detour on the way to the lagoon.

Okavango Delta Aug 25We find her before I even have the camera gear all sorted. She is coming down the tree just as I get my lens up. We spend the next 30 minutes following her. She doesn’t seem to mind the vehicle following her, a movie star showing off her brilliant coat in the early morning light.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-2Okavango Delta Aug 25-3Okavango Delta Aug 25-4Okavango Delta Aug 25-5Okavango Delta Aug 25-6Okavango Delta Aug 25-7Okavango Delta Aug 25-8

Our day was made and it wasn’t even 8AM.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-9

Other distractions on the way to the lagoon.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-10Okavango Delta Aug 25-11

Okavango Delta Aug 25-12A ride on a traditional mokoro through the delta waters is one of the quintessential Okavango experiences.  However, deciding what camera equipment to use on the wobbly boat is another matter. I decided not to use the 100-400 lens as I wouldn’t be able to hold it steady enough. Instead we used the 70-200 and the 18-135 lenses.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-14With the rest of the camera gear in back packs between our legs, I’m fearful we’ll end up in the drink as the mokoro rocks back and forth.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-13The hippos roaring in the middle of the lagoon don’t ease my mind. Other than that it was a peaceful float through the grasses at the edge of the water.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-15Great for bird lovers.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-18

Back on shore a few more animals before coffee break.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-19Okavango Delta Aug 25-21Okavango Delta Aug 25-22Okavango Delta Aug 25-23

And a few more on the way back to camp.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-24Okavango Delta Aug 25-25Okavango Delta Aug 25-26


Afternoon and Night Drive

With the addition of another couple from the US, Beckie and Aiden, we are now 6 in the vehicle. Each couple gets a row.

Started slow without much activity.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-27The leopard from this morning is sleeping in the tree. This is how we’ve seen leopards in the past.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-28

Mostly birds before sundowners.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-29Okavango Delta Aug 25-30Okavango Delta Aug 25-31

As we look for a spot for sundowners an elephant mock charges the vehicle with the baby following behind, charging along with mama.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-32

Somehow we find ourselves surrounded, albeit at a distance, by elephants. We finally find our way back to the water for sundowners.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-33

Gorgeous sunset reflected in the water.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-34

The night drive highlight was a serval cat that stayed by the vehicle squinting into Matt’s bright search light but otherwise posing nicely for us.

Okavango Delta Aug 25-35Okavango Delta Aug 25-36Okavango Delta Aug 25-37Ended with hippos scampering around the vehicle in the dark. Spooky, their large bodies move more quickly than you imagine they could. Matt tries to avoid shining the light in their eyes.

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