Day 3 – Morning Drive, Little Kwara, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Aug 26, 2016

The morning routine is the same as the morning before with a 6AM wakeup call followed by a light breakfast by the camp fire.

Little Kwara Day 3 morningA Pel’s Fishing Owl at camp gets the birders excited.

Little Kwara Day 3 morning-3


We are the same six in the vehicle this morning as the previous evening. It’s the Scottish couple’s last morning so we focus on birds for their benefit, spending more time than I would like on LBJs – little brown jobs.

Little Kwara Day 3 morning-5Little Kwara Day 3 morning-4

Little Kwara Day 3 morning-2

African Hoopoe

Little Kwara Day 3 morning-19


This is the downside to sharing a vehicle with other guests. You may have different objectives and interests. New guests tend to want to stop for just about everything. Birders spend lots of time chasing little brown specks. Photographers spend more time at a stop than others might like. It generally works out with guests being considerate of other guests’ wishes.

The morning highlights:

Kudu near the vehicle

Little Kwara Day 3 morning-12Little Kwara Day 3 morning-13

Little Kwara Day 3_.jpg

Little Kwara Day 3 morning-7


Little Kwara Day 3 morning-6

Crossing the waterways

Jackals lazing in the sun

Little Kwara Day 3 morning-11Little Kwara Day 3 morning-8Little Kwara Day 3 morning-9Little Kwara Day 3 morning-10


Little Kwara Day 3 morning-15

Lone lioness sleeping in the grass

Little Kwara Day 3 morning-16



Little Kwara Day 3 morning-18Little Kwara Day 3 morning-17

Little Kwara Day 3 morning-20

Coffee Break

Zebra at the lagoon

Little Kwara Day 3 morning-21Little Kwara Day 3 morning-22Little Kwara Day 3 morning-23

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