Arrival Chobe Elephant Camp, Chobe Nat’l Park, Botswana

Aug 30, 2016

Arrival in Chobe

Kasane Airport

We were met at the Kasane airport by KG from Bushways. We drove an hour on good roads through Chobe National Park to Chobe Elephant Camp.  Situated along the Chobe River, the park is known for its high concentration of game, especially elephants.

Arrival in Chobe-2

Elephant sightings along the road


Smiling faces near the park entrance

With the late arrival we checked in quickly and met KG in a safari vehicle for a drive along the river as it was too late to go into the national park. They don’t allow night drives in the national parks, only in the private reserves.

More animals than I was expecting to see on our short tour – buffalo, water buck, giraffe and zebra at the water.

Arrival in Chobe-5Arrival in Chobe-6Arrival in Chobe-7

Arrival in Chobe-4

Elephants do great damage to the baobab trees

My favorite sight of the evening was the quelea, a great cloud of tiny birds that undulates through the air like a ribbon in the wind. They are one of the most destructive species in Africa, gobbling up vast acreages of seed crops.

Arrival in Chobe-10Arrival in Chobe-8Arrival in Chobe-9

Arrival in Chobe-11

At sunset we met Thomas, the lodge manager, at a viewpoint along the river where he had sun downers and snacks set up for us including savory cabbage rolls and sweet cakes.

Arrival in Chobe-12Arrival in Chobe-13

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