Morning Drive – Chobe Nat’l Park, Botswana

Aug 31, 2016

5:30 wakeup call.

Morning Drive Chobe

6AM – Breakfast – full breakfast with hot and cold items available – eggs, bacon, porridge, fruit, cheese, yogurt, toast, etc.

Since there were not a lot of guests this morning, just us and a group of 4, we had our own guide, KG, and a private vehicle.

Game drives in Chobe National Park are restricted to the roads only and no night drives. Guests, however, are not required to have a guide and can drive their own vehicle.

Chobe Morning Drive

Secretary Bird

After checking in at the park entrance, the vehicle with the other guests heads in one direction and us in another.

Chobe Morning Drive-3

Pretty early on we come across a lone wild dog that got separated from the pack. We follow him a while and watch him call to his siblings.

Chobe Morning Drive-2

A herd of buffalo in the distance

We then get a call from the other vehicle saying they found the pack at a kill near the river.

Chobe Morning Drive-4Chobe Morning Drive-5

We race there in time to see the dogs, at a distance.

Chobe Morning Drive-12


A jackal and a few vultures move in fighting over the remaining scraps.

Chobe Morning Drive-13Chobe Morning Drive-14

Chobe Morning Drive-6


The pack leave the kill moments later and head off to look for the lost brother.

Chobe Morning Drive-7

Conveniently they run along the road, with four safari vehicles following them.

Chobe Morning Drive-8

Chobe Morning Drive-11

They stop from time to time to call and listen. Soon, they find their brother. Greeting each other enthusiastically, the lost brother begs for food.

Chobe Morning Drive-9Chobe Morning Drive-10

The newly fed siblings in turn regurgitate, and he gobbles up the mess. The process is repeated with each sibling he encounters.

Chobe Morning Drive-27

We get a call that there is a herd of buffalo heading for a pride of lions. We see the cloud of dust in the distance as KG drives as fast as he can. We reach the spot, passing the buffalo as they make their way through the bushes. 4 or 5 other vehicles are already there including 2 self-guided vehicles.

Chobe Morning Drive-19


The group, a female, young male, and 3 cubs are part of a larger pride. The adults protect the cubs from the passing buffalo. A buffalo will trample a cub or provoke an adult on purpose.

Morning Drive Chobe-2

Chobe Morning Drive-21

We reposition the vehicle several times as the lions move through the bushes. The vehicles cooperate fairly well ensuring that all the guests and visitors to the park get a view of the lions.

Chobe Morning Drive-20

There are some tense moments with buffalo snorting and the lions responding with a roar but no skirmish.

Chobe Morning Drive-22

After the buffalo had passed, the lions walked between the vehicles down to the river for a drink and then back to the shade of the bushes.

Chobe Morning Drive-23

Chobe Morning Drive-24

Chobe Morning Drive-25

Watching a bird at the water’s edge

We head further down the road along the river and stop to watch the buffalo pass.

Chobe Morning Drive-28Chobe Morning Drive-29

Chobe Morning Drive-39

Soon we spot the rest of the lion pride hiding in the bushes, watching and waiting for an opportunity as the herd of buffalo passes in the distance.

Chobe Morning Drive-35


Stop for lunch at a spot with picnic tables and bathroom facilities. Pasta salad, greens, sausages, tuna, cheese, bread, all nicely done.

Chobe Morning Drive-17

A few more minor sightings as we head out of the park and into Kasane for the afternoon activity, a Chobe River boat ride.

Chobe Morning Drive-15

Southern Carmine Bee-eater

Chobe Morning Drive-31


Chobe Morning Drive-32


Chobe Morning Drive-33

Fish Eagle

Chobe Morning Drive-34

Chobe Morning Drive-36


Chobe Morning Drive-37


Chobe Morning Drive-38


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