Chobe River Boat Tour, Chobe Nat’l Park, Botswana

August 31, 2016

The afternoon 3 hour Chobe River tour starts at 1:30 with the worst possible light on the water. Talking later with one of the camp managers, she explained that they do the river trip at this time of day as it is less crowded.

Chobe Boat Tour-2

After the morning safari drive through the park our guide and driver, KG, takes us to a boat dock in Kasane.

Chobe Boat Tour

There are six guests in the small but stable motor boat, making it easy to stand up to get the shot you want.

Chobe Boat Tour-14


Our boat driver gets us surprisingly and sometimes uncomfortably close to the game on shore – crocs, elephants and hippos.

Chobe Boat Tour-13Chobe Boat Tour-12Chobe Boat Tour-15

The tour goes around Sedudu island in the middle of the river.

Chobe Boat Tour-25

Chobe Boat Tour-5

Yellow Billed Stork feeding near Crocs

Chobe Boat Tour-6


Chobe Boat Tour-26

Chobe Boat Tour-28

Chobe Boat Tour-27

Egret chilling with Hippo

Chobe Boat Tour-30Chobe Boat Tour-8Chobe Boat Tour-9

Chobe Boat Tour-10

Chobe Boat Tour-29


Chobe Boat Tour-11

Malibu Storks hanging with Cape Buffalo

Chobe Boat Tour-16

Monitor Lizard

Chobe Boat Tour-17

Malachite Kingfisher

Chobe Boat Tour-18

Heading back to the dock

Back on the paved road it’s about an hour drive back to camp. Just after 5PM the soft afternoon glow begins.

Chobe Boat Tour-19

Stopped for a couple of animals including the elusive Roan antelope. A small herd crosses the road.

Chobe Boat Tour-21

Chobe Boat Tour-24.jpg

We arrived back at camp just at sunset. The color before sunset quickly faded after the sun went down possibly due to smoke in the air.

Chobe Boat Tour-23

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