Day 2 – Goliath Camp, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Sept 7, 2016

Breakfast is served at 6AM – no wakeup call.

Goliath Day 2-36.jpg

Selection of toast, jam and porridge. Coffee, tea with powdered milk.

We leave around 6:40 or so. Paul has left and Stretch drives our vehicle. The agenda is lions. We search the morning, following tracks.

Goliath Day 2Goliath Day 2-2Goliath Day 2-3Goliath Day 2-4Goliath Day 2-5

Stretch stops now and again to point out nice light in the forest or an interesting animal but the main focus is lions.

Goliath Day 2-6

We drive quite a ways before we get out and search on foot. The temperature is rising. No luck with the lions. Stretch is convinced they have gone in the long grass and he assures us that we don’t want to go in there.

Goliath Day 2-7

Finally around 10:30 we stop for tea. While we rest Stretch continues to wander the area reading the tracks. After tea we continue the search. The sun is high, very few stops and no lions. A long drive back to camp.

Goliath Day 2-8Goliath Day 2-9

Just as we near camp one of the staff runs across a clearing and informs Stretch that there are lions just beyond where some baboons are crossing into the shade.

Goliath Day 2-11Goliath Day 2-10They are quite far, maybe 4 adults, just specks under a tree on the horizon. We leave them and head in for lunch.

Lunch – shortly after 1PM

Goliath Day 2-12

After lunch an elephant wanders along the shore just below the lounge, totally relaxed, washing and eating the greenery at the edge of the river.

Goliath Day 2-13Goliath Day 2-14OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3:30 tea – The elephant is back. We watch him tear down branches from the tree into the water. He then climbs the bank and wanders through camp, finally squeezing past the vehicles and a big tree. He then feeds on another high branch, ripping it down. Elephants are one of the most destructive animals in Africa.

Goliath Day 2-16

Goliath Day 2-17On the afternoon drive our first stop is a photo-op with an elephant. A little scary with your back to this gigantic beast.

Goliath Day 2-18

We head out to see the hippos at Long Pool.

Goliath Day 2-21

When we arrive a large pod of hippos is hanging in the pool.

Goliath Day 2-29

Stretch has us sit on the hard craggy mud at the bank and wait for the light to get low and the hippos to become active.

Goliath Day 2-22Goliath Day 2-23Goliath Day 2-24Goliath Day 2-25Goliath Day 2-26Goliath Day 2-27Goliath Day 2-28Goliath Day 2-30Goliath Day 2-31Goliath Day 2-32

One moves, knocking into the others, they fuss a little and then settle down again. A few good yawns. A baby perches himself on his mother. They never really get as active as Stretch was hoping, but it thrilled the rest of us.

Goliath Day 2-34Goliath Day 2-35

As the light gets low we have a quick sundowner before heading back. Stretch drives the long ride back to camp, practically in the dark now, with the light off.

Goliath Day 2-33

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