Robberg Peninsula Trail, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

September 12, 2016

Robberg Peninsula-2

Just outside of Plett, this hike around the peninsula is a rugged 4 hour trail that follows the coast on the west side of the peninsula and along the top of the cliffs on the east side. The west side is by far the prettier, more dramatic and more challenging where the trail climbs up and down a steep track.

Robberg PeninsulaRobberg Peninsula-3At high tide during a spring tide, the tide with the most variation in water levels, the sea can cover the stretch of beach leading to an island. Also waves can crash against the cliffs on the southern part of the trail.

Robberg Peninsula-4

We were there at high tide near the neap tide, the tide with the least variation in water levels, and the sea never covered the stretch of sand to the island. In any case it’s important to pay attention to the tide and moon cycles before heading out. Spring tides occur at full and new moons. Neap tides occur in-between, or 7 days after a spring tide.

Robberg Peninsula-5Robberg Peninsula-6If you have the time the views from the island are spectacular.

Robberg Peninsula-7

An overnight hut is available

Robberg Peninsula-9Robberg Peninsula-10Robberg Peninsula-11Robberg Peninsula-12Robberg Peninsula-13Robberg Peninsula-14

Robberg Peninsula-16

The Point

Robberg Peninsula-15


Robberg Peninsula-17

Ridge along the east side

Robberg Peninsula-19Robberg Peninsula-18

From the east side you can see the large seal colony far below. There were also a group of seals playing in the surf at the point. The seals attract predators and great white sightings aren’t uncommon.

Robberg Peninsula-20Robberg Peninsula-21

Took us just under 4 hours with frequent photo stops and a short rest at the point. We used Noel’s cab service to take us out to the peninsula.

Robberg Peninsula-22

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