Day 2 – Otter Trail, Tsitsikamma, South Africa

September 15, 2016

Otter Trail Day 2Woke at first light, not much color in the sky but then closer to 6 I was pulled out of bed by a pink sky. The sunrise was at the very edge of the mountains to the northeast but the sky glowed a soft pink from end to end.

Otter Trail Day 2-2Scrambling on the rocks still in my PJs and tennies was not easy but worth the effort.

Otter Trail Day 2-30Back at camp we had a leisurely breakfast and packed up. No tidal crossings to worry about today.

Left camp around 8AM.

Otter Trail Day 2-3Morning starts with a steep climb on a muddy track through the dense forest. Most of the day’s hike would be through shaded forest without many viewpoints. Each, however, was spectacular.

Otter Trail Day 2-5

Otter Trail Day 2-4Starting with a short climb up Skilder-Krans, a rocky viewpoint.  It’s just 1.8K in from Ngubu camp. Leave your bag at the bottom.

Otter Trail Day 2-6

Back on the main trail the track climbs and descends on a fairly rugged track with rocks and roots but does not involve as much boulder hopping as the previous day.

Otter Trail Day 2-7There is a river crossing at about kilometer 4 with a steep descent and climb back up on either side.

Otter Trail Day 2-8The river was fairly low and an easy hop on the rocks a short ways downstream from the trail.

Otter Trail Day 2-9

Otter Trail Day 2-15Past the river is the Blue Bae (Bay). The trail down to the beach is at K6. Note that the map scale and location of the bay on the map is off.

Otter Trail Day 2-12


To reach the bay, a short trail downhill through the forest leads to a descent down a short albeit slippery- when-wet rock face. Cross the rock out cropping to reach the beach.

Otter Trail Day 2-13Otter Trail Day 2-14Awesome wave action but I’m sure this a dangerous beach with swimming inadvisable as there is a strong under tow. At high tide it may even be completely submerged.

Otter Trail Day 2-11

However, it’s a great lunch spot and photo op.

Otter Trail Day 2-10Otter Trail Day 2-16Past the turn off for the beach is the steep climb to the viewpoint overlooking the bay. You can see it looming above from the beach. The best view we’ve seen so far of the coast line.

Otter Trail Day 2-17From here the trail continues through a drier prettier forest to Scott camp.

Otter Trail Day 2-19

The huts are situated on an inlet with great wave action in the mouth of the river. Huts catch the afternoon sun.

Otter Trail Day 2-23

Otter Trail Day 2-20Otter Trail Day 2-22

Otter Trail Day 2-21

Otter Trail Day 2-28Unfortunately there was no water at the tap and we had to walk up stream to get water and wash up.

Otter Trail Day 2-29The right branch has a nice pool with a waterfall.

Otter Trail Day 2-24Otter Trail Day 2-25Other than the lack of running water the camp is set up like the first one.

We eat dinner by the fire. The fire is hard to start because the wood is not cured and the air is damp. Go to bed early for an early start in the morning.

Otter Trail Day 2-26Fog rolls in at sunset turning the landscape a dusty pink.

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