Orchidée du Bemaraha Hôtel, Tsingy de Bemaraha Nat’l Park, Madagascar

September 26-28, 2016

This post is part of a 10 day trip with Remote River Expeditions.

Orchidée du Bemaraha Hôtel

Front of Chalet

This higher end establishment is a compound of chalets and open air common areas, including a swimming pool and bar, set in a pretty tropical garden.

Orchidée du Bemaraha HôtelOrchidée du Bemaraha Hôtel

While nice compared to where we have been staying in Madagascar it still has a dusty third world Asian feel.

Orchidée du Bemaraha Hôtel

The wooden chalets are comfortable and quite dark with the windows closed yet light and airy with them open. The spacious high-ceilinged room has wood floors and dark wood furniture.

Orchidée du Bemaraha Hôtel

Hotel Visitor

There is no air-conditioning, but a great fan inside the mosquito netting above the bed keeps you cool enough at night. Unfortunately, the second night of our stay our bed was made up with badly pilled sheets. The bathroom is clean with an adequate shower and toilet. However, there is no safe, hair dryer or Wifi in the room. A laundry service is available.

Set-menu meals are served in the high-ceilinged open-air dining room. Service is friendly and efficient.

Orchidée du Bemaraha Hôtel

The first night’s dinner started with a squash soup followed by fried fish with a side of vegies and bread pudding cake with chocolate sauce for dessert.

The next day’s lunch was a cooked vegie plate, spaghetti Bolognese and banana caramel for dessert.

Orchidée du Bemaraha Hôtel

Our second dinner started with gazpacho, goat with potatoes for the main dish and coconut flan for dessert.

Orchidée du Bemaraha Hôtel

The French style breakfast includes bread products, assorted jams, honey, the local Nutella, a lemonade juice drink and coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

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