Kirindy Forest Night Walk, Madagascar

September 28, 2016

This post is part of a 10 day trip with Remote River Expeditions.

Kirindy Forest Night Walk

Arriving at the Kirindy Forest we met our guide, Gervas, for a briefing of the area. We decided to skip the afternoon walk and just do the night walk and the morning one the next day.The night walk begins at dusk, just after 6PM. We take the car a few minutes down the road and head down a narrow trail in the woods.

Kirindy Forest Night Walk

Almost immediately Gervas points out a mouse lemur. I don’t see it at first but then I make out the eyes glowing in the dark and then the blur as they scurry across the tree limbs.

Kirindy Forest Night Walk

The grey mouse lemurs and Madam Berthe’s mouse lemur are the most numerous.

Kirindy Forest Night Walk

Fork marked lemur

Kirindy Forest Night WalkKirindy Forest Night Walk

The peak moment of the evening was a mouse lemur hanging out on a low trunk, so close I could almost reach out and touch it. Gervas tries to light it for me without blinding the poor creature.

Kirindy Forest Night WalkKirindy Forest Night WalkKirindy Forest Night Walk

On our way out this Western tufted-tailed rat scurries across the trail.

Kirindy Forest Night Walk

Later, as we are driving back to camp, a fossa, a cat-like predator, appears on the road. We stop, get out and follow him a ways down a side trail before he disappears into the forest.

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