Cabins at Kirindy Forest Lodge, Madagascar

September 29, 2016

This post is part of a 10 day trip with Remote River Expeditions.

Kirindy Forest

The compound at Kirindy Lodge is comprised of simple wooden bungalows set in the forest.

Kirindy Forest

The only furniture in our room was a bed with mosquito netting. However, there were no screens on the windows. With the windows closed at night for security there isn’t any air movement. Thankfully it was not as hot here as at the Tsingy de Bemaraha or Morondava.

Kirindy Forest

The cabin is equipped with a basic bathroom with a toilet and shower, however there is not enough water pressure for a decent shower. There is only one outlet in the room and the electricity is only on for a short time in the evening, making charging electronics difficult.

Dining Room

Kirindy Forest Lodge

Meals are served in a pleasant open-air dining room. For dinner the camp offers a choice of starters – soups and salads – and for mains meat or spaghetti with a choice of sauces. We started with the tomato tapenade – sliced tomatoes topped with grated cheese – and the Chinese soup – a big bowl of ramen noodles with vegies.

Kirindy Forest Lodge

For mains we tried the grilled chicken, one with black olives in a tomato sauce and the other with a mushroom sauce. The chicken was rather tough. For dessert a pineapple caramel and a fruit salad. No cold drinks were available as the refrigerator was broken.

Kirindy Forest Lodge

Alex joined us offering to share a Madagascar rosé wine – drinkable and not too sweet We tried the guinea fowl that he had had cooked by the camp kitchen for a 2000 ariary (67 cents USD). It was quite tasty and more tender than the chicken.


Kirindy Forest Lodge

Kirindy Forest Lodge

On the path to the dining room for breakfast a number of tourists were watching a fossa root around the camp. Not the most attractive animal, made less appealing by its weasel like movements. We watched for a little while but then decided coffee sounded more enticing.

Kirindy Forest Lodge

Breakfast is a modified French style with bread, jam, Laughing Cow cheese and condensed sweetened milk for the coffee.

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