Waterfalls near Pucón, Lake District, Chile

Salto El Leon

March 6, 2018

Salto El Leon

Being the end of summer with lower water levels, we didn’t know if the El Leon waterfall would be worth the drive – about 45 minutes from Pucón, the last 10K is on a passable dirt road. Well it is. On a beautiful warm day it was a great afternoon outing. There were very few people at the falls.

Salto El Leon

A short path through a pretty, mature forest leads to the falls. A steep 2,500CLP($4USD)/person admission charge.

Salto El Leonnear Salto El Leon

Along the dirt road to the Salto El Leon there are other waterfalls and opportunities to view the river.


Los Ojos del Caburgua

March 9, 2018

Los Ojos del Caburgua

Located between Pucón and Huerquehue National Park, Los Ojos del Caburgua is an easy stop on the way to or from the park.

On a rainy morning there was no one at the falls.

Los Ojos del CaburguaLos Ojos del Caburgua

With extensive walkways around the pool and falls the area looks like it get lots of visitors in better weather. We were short on time and just took a quick photo tour.

Los Ojos del Caburgua

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